F.S o/c Crazyshot is one of the booming sensations from the 
Eastsyde Recording Studio Limited. His combination of 
unique styles with elements of dancehall and trap goes to 
show that there are no limits when it comes on to perfecting 
his craft. It is quite evident in all of his singles that he’s not 
here to fit in but to stand out. 

Born and raised in Top Brown’s Gully in Morant Bay, St. 
Thomas, Dwayne Sain Mccalla formarly known as F.S is 
confident that he will become an international superstar from 
the gutter with a blazing career. At only 25 years of age, he 
has been pursuing his dream of doing music for over 10 
years. Therefore we can only assume that this passion for 
music was rooted in him from a very tender age. With his 
dynamic and catchy lyrics, F.S is not solely undertaking this career path for monetary gains. 
“My past life inspired me to do music as it wasn’t easy while growing up for me, I endured a lot 
of struggles so I put my pain in the music”, said the artiste. “Also my bigger cousin called 
‘Blevian’, I was always around him as he used to also sing and I was fascinated by his flow so I basically learnt stuff from him”, he added. 

His style and flow is not like the ordinary dancehall artiste. “My music style is most definitely 
hard core dancehall music like the poor people government, Bounty Killer himself”, he said. The Paul Bogle High School past student stated that though he is devoted to his music career, if he was not doing music he would either be hustling in the streets or working towards a career in the culinary arts of vintage cooking with a family member.

The Eastsyde Records currently has as few artistes under their brand by F.S never fails to showcase his gifted melodies. “I am the type of artist that everyone can relate to, what I bring to the universe is what many people can see and feel because its with pain as I said earlier, I am what makes it different”. 

With tracks such as ‘Twerk it’, ‘Count up’ and the hit single ‘Not’ that was a feature with 
Skillibeng and others which was a track for the Prodigy Mixtape which has over 20million views on YouTube, F.S is working on some new singles as well as collaborations. “People can look out for a lot more hits as I have been working on quite a few namely, ‘Weed and Rum and ‘Live Life”, said the artiste. “I am here to create history, F.S Aka Crazyshot from the Eastsyde”. 

F.S is currently signed to Eastsyde Recording Studio Limited based in Bull Bay, St. Andrew.

He also featured on Skillibeng's latest release "Whap Whap" which is the hottest dancehall track not only in Jamaica but also Trinidad, Barbados along with the rest of the caribbean. The dancehall artiste hint his follow up track might be "Live Life"