Skillibeng's Prodigy Mixtape II


Skillibeng and the EastSyde Team has now confirmed the second instalment of the Prodigy Mixtape. Release date is not yet confirmed but during an interview with them the release seems close. The first instalment of the mixtape was release back in 2019 where Mr. Universe showcase his diversity with lyrics, flow and wordplays. Prodigy I Mixtape contains sixteen tracks and includes Cocoa Tea, Weed Baby, Bad Freak, EastSyde(FreeStyle).

“Yuh zi, a mad ting wen the Prodigy few drop, yuh know mi affi gi mi fans dem ears some different typa sittn. An u know from a Skillibeng, nah fi say a next mia seh” Skillibeng replied when ask about the Prodigy II Mixtape. “Our fans went crazy when the first Prodigy drop and we kept the Prodigy line to always show our fans gratitude with wordplays and flow” EastSyde President added.

The team hinted on late this year for release of the mixtape due to the pandemic that’s on for this 2020 but not much details given on the Project. If you haven’t listen the Prodigy 1 Mixtape check out the playlist below



Prodigy 1 Mixtape (The Playlist)